I Need More Time

You would think that actor Danny Glover would know how satellite tours work.

The actor most likely has done hundreds of them to promote his movies.

But this time, Glover was doing satellite hits in support of the postal worker’s union, which is looking to drum up support since the contract with the USPS expires next week.

While Glover was talking to KTVU viewers about his mom and dad, who were postal workers, anchor Tori Campbell cut him off mid-thought, saying they were almost out of time. She quickly asked Glover what his goal was.

“Well, you should have given me more time. That’s the first thing,” said Glover. “So why don’t you go on. If you don’t have enough time, then why bother? Just don’t give me two minutes.”

Let's go to the video:

H/T Kevin Eck @TVSpy