ABC's $100 Million Dollar Man

The New York Post is continuing to pile on ABC Anchor and Clinton buddy George Stephanopoulos.

Stephy is catching a lot of heat for giving his old boss and his wife $75,000 and not telling any of his bosses about the donation. 

The Post reports that the Mickey Mouse network had signed Stephanopoulos to a $105 million dollar contract last year. 

It's no wonder he can easily shell a mere $75 grand to the Clintons. 

The seven-year deal — which dwarfs the five-year, $50 million contract scored by NBC's Brian Williams was supposed to keep Stephanopoulos in front of ABC’s cameras through 2021.

Of course BriWi is sitting out a 6 month suspension that could turn into a firing. 

While Stephanopoulos continues to twist in  the wind, Andy Lack and the crew over at NBC are happy to see the spotlight off of the Peacock and their disgraced anchor. 

Stephanopoulos is doing all he can to keep his gig and hoping that ABC does not pull him off their political coverage. In a mea culpa delivered Sunday on “This Week,” Stephanopoulos, who said the Clinton gifts “were a matter of public record, but I should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation.”

It was his second on-air apology in less than a week.

The ABC Anchorman is in the sites of both the GOP and the conservative media. He might be wise to take a page out of the Bill O'Reilly handbokk and instead of saying he's sorry, just deny everything and threaten people. 

It seems to be working better than saying "sorry."

Just ask Brian Williams....if you run into him walking his dog.