Big Apple Station Blurs Picasso Nipple

WNYW Fox 5 (New York) took censoring the news to a whole new level when the station blurred the nipples of the women in Picasso masterpiece “The Women of Algiers.” 

The painting set a record when it sold $179 million at auction.

After the Fox 5 team took the blur brush to the Picasso, not everyone was happy about it:

Yesterday morning, Fox 5 Morning show, showed the painting again and this time it was it was without the blurred nipples.

Anchor Greg Kelly said, “The 10 o’clock news, some of the producers are cuckoo . . . The nipple, they thought it was too much, kids might get the wrong idea at home . . . We get it! It was ridiculous!”

Yes it was Greg, yes it was.