Wichita Anchor Attacked While Out for a Walk

Proof that walking might not be as good for your health as the experts say.

KAKE Morning Anchor Gloria Balding went out for a walk in broad daylight, when she said she was attacked. 

"I have two abrasions from my hairline to underneath my chin," said Gloria. 

She says she is still stiff, sore and nervous.

"I was definitely shaken up," she said. "It was out of the blue. It was so quick." 

Balding says she was getting some exercise on a walking path near Central and Ridge. She accidentally bumped into another walker on one side of the pond. When the two met again around the bend, this happened. 

"When she came up to me, when we reached each other, she grabbed my arm and reached up and keyed my neck with her other hand," said Gloria. 

"She just kept walking. She didn't run away. She just kept walking like it was no big deal," Gloria said. "Now I have a gash on the side of my neck." 

Balding says she had never seen the woman before.