Just as FTVLive Predicted

Back in May of last year, KTVK (Phoenix) moved main Anchor Fields Moseley off the main shows. At the time FTVLive wrote:

"It appears that Main Anchor Fields Moseley is about to have a really bad week. And remember, this is happening in the middle of the very important May book. If I was Fields, I won't be buying the green bananas. He might not be around long enough for them to get ripe."

Moseley saw the writing on the wall and has now announced that "he's leaving" for a new job as the communications director with Maricopa County.

"It's a great opportunity to leave on a high note," says Moseley, who started with the station in 2011. 

Not sure how high the note was, but give him credit for getting proactive to find something before the station pushed him out the door. 

He first announced his departure on his Facebook page, writing that changes in ownership at Channel 3 and his job led him to look for work out-of-state. "This job doesn't feel like an adventure anymore. It feels like a job," he wrote. "So I started looking outside of news (we all have at one time or another) with the goal of staying in Arizona. The four most important people in my life, my wife and kids, love it here and so do I."

KTVK and KPHO are now both owned by Meredith and the company is slowly merging the two stations together. Moseley watched as his anchor role continued to shrink at the station. 

"My wife and I had a lot of serious discussions," he said. "This is not what we came out here to do, so I started looking around really seriously."

He warned that he won't be the last guy to leave the station, either by choice or not. "There's a little bit of mystery as to what's going to transpire once the two newsrooms merge," he said. "You know: 'Do we need this person? Do we need that person?' Change is inevitable, and I started looking for something that was going to be beneficial for my family for my long-term career. I'm looking at what I'm going to be doing for the next 20 years, not the next five."

H/T Arizona Republic