Rick Sanchez on Kelley Mitchell: Great Broadcaster

Earlier FTVLive told you that longtime Miami Anchor Kelley Mitchell had died.

Mitchell helped launched WSVN's rock and roll newscast that was copied coast to coast. She and her Co-Anchor Rick Sanchez were "must watch TV" in Miami back in the late 80's and early 90's.

"Great broadcaster in an old world sense. So much so she studied maps when she first got to town so as to not mispronounce street names," Sanchez tells FTVLive. 

For a long time today the death of Mitchell was not reported on WSVN, the same station where Mitchell made her name. 

While other outlets in South Florida were reporting the news, WSVN seemed to be ignoring it. 

Insiders at WSVN tell FTVLive that staffers were "beyond pissed" that the WSVN News Director Alice Jacobs was not allowing the station to acknowledged Mitchell's passing. 

 "I get it she didn't leave on the best terms but can't she let it go?", one staffer said to FTVLive.

Jacobs finally relented and the story appeared on the WSVN website. 

Mitchells was just 58 years old.