Sports Anchor Headed to High School Prom

WHAG (Hagerstown) Sports Director Dorian Craft is headed to a local high school prom with one of the school's football players.

Student/Athlete Cole Stotler got craft to agree to go to the prom with him, IF his "Dorian goes to prom" got 5,000 retweets on Twitter.

“I've actually never seen anyone that has had such a viral social media post spread to that number,” Craft said. “So, I really didn't think that Cole could reach 5,000 retweets - Hagerstown is a pretty small city.”

Never underestimate a high school senior with raging hormones.

The station wrote on their website, "Of course the question everyone is wondering, what will Dorian wear?"

Actually, FTVLive is thinking of a different question than that. If it's like anything like our senior prom was, well......

You know what?

Never mind.