Puppy Pees on San Antonio Anchor

A young puppy named Thistle made quite a splash in his first TV appearance on KENS (San Antonio) newscast on  Friday.

Morning anchor Mat Garcia was holding Thistle (who they might want to rename Pissle) when the poor puppy just had to go.

And when you got to go, you go to go.

So, Thistle did all over Garcia. 

"He's a Rottweiler and Shepherd mix, he is so cute... and he's peeing all over me! Oh no!" Mat said, handing the pup back to a producer.

"You know, it makes for good live television," co-anchor Sarah Forgany added.

"I love the dogs, and it happens, but I'm going to let you finish" the segment, Mat said as he headed away to clean up.

Afterward, Mat said the chance of this happening on air was always a consideration.

"We hold them ourselves because we think it's more personable," said Mat, who's presented "dozens and dozens" of pets while on camera. "We always thought in the back of our minds that this could happen, and now it did!"

Of course, FTVLive's Rory the VP of Cuteness would have never done such a thing. 

Let's go to the video of Pissle.....errrrrr.....Thistle peeing on air.