Former Arizona, Florida News Director in Cancer Fight

We got some not so good news yesterday that our old pal Forrest Carr is not doing well health wise. 

Carr, a former longtime News Director spent years running the newsroom at KGUN and other shops around the county has been told he might not have long to live.

Shortly after he retired from TV news, Carr  was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He had surgery, had the kidney removed and thought he was doing well. Until a Doctor's visit last week. 

He went in for a CT scan, and the news is not good.  "

The cancer is back and it has metastasized.  I will meet with an oncologist next week to review options, but obviously they’ll range from not-so-good to really bad.  The five-year survival rate for this category of cancer is rather bleak," he writes on his blog. 

Carr, who never met a keyboard he didn't like,  says he goal now is to finish some books he is working on and see what his options are in his cancer fight.

We wish him the best.