Anchors Knock Heads in Palm Beach

It appears that two West Palm Beach Anchors are not playing nice with each other.

 Gossip Extra writes that WFLX 10 p.m. anchors Jay Cashmere and Ashley Hinson are not on speaking terms these days.

Sources in the newsroom, which WFLX shares with WPTV say that the tension is palpable every night.

Apparently, Cashmere let his legendary temper do the talking after a recent broadcast, and the diminutive Hinson caught the brunt of it.

“Jay made Ashley cry on the set,” one source tells us, “and she just ran off.

“WFLX wanted young anchors, but now it looks like they got babies with inflated egos.”

Managers had to get involved to get everybody back on the same page, but Cashmere and Hinson ignore one another.

Neither Cashmere nor Hinson have commented.

Of course if a gossip item was written every time a couple of news Anchors didn't get along, the Internet would be filled up.

Just saying....