Anchor Leaving TV News for PR

Despite FTVLive's warning about how boring that life can be, an Asheville Anchor is leaving TV news for a job in PR.

WLOS morning and noon Anchor Victoria Dunkle has left the television station after 12 years to take the position as communications director at Park Ridge Health.

"I will always remember the opportunities to meet and interview interesting people," Dunkle said on the station's website. 

Dunkle said in an interview it was "a tough decision" to leave television news but she found the Park Ridge situation appealing for this stage in her life.

"Along with being the voice and print person for media I'll also be looking to expand and grow internal and external communications," she said.

"This was a decision I made because I needed to do what's right for my life. And the good Lord opened up this awesome opportunity to move on and still be involved in the media and be able to give back."

Don't call us when you're bored stiff at the new gig.

Just saying.... 

H/T Hendersonville Lightning