Wasted Weekend....

I have to say that last week was not a good one here at the FTVLive World Headquarters.

I started out the week not feeling well and it got worse as the week went on. On Friday, I woke up just before 4AM, worked on the morning updates and went back to bed around 8AM. Other than waking up and posting one update, I pretty much didn't get out of bed again until Sunday morning.

I got hit with either the flu or a nasty cold that knocked me on my ass. 

Thankfully, although I'm still feeling tired and week, I am feeling better. Right now, I have one of those coughs that don't let you sleep at night, but feel fairly good during the day. 

When you are a one person business, there are no sick days, but God I wanted a few last week.

Let's hope this week is better and let's get on with the news about TV news shall we?