Grieving Mom Confronts WABC News Boss

A difficult moment at the memorial for WABC Reporter Lisa Colagrossi.

Colagrossi's grieving mother confronted WABC News Director Camille Edwards at Colagrossi's memorial and said, “You worked my daughter to death.”

 As FTVLive told you, Colagrossi died after a brain hemorrhage on assignment for the station. 

The emotional scene between Lois Colagrossi and famously tough WABC news director Edwards happened at Lisa’s memorial on March 23 according to Page Six. 

Witnesses said Edwards approached Lisa’s heartbroken mom for a hug as Lois stood with family to greet mourners. But Lois refused her embrace, saying, “You are the reason I am standing in this church.”

According to multiple sources at the memorial, Edwards responded by describing what a hard worker Lisa was, and how everyone at the station was proud of her work ethic.

But Lisa’s mother added, “I am talking about how you worked my daughter to death.” Witnesses said others overheard the exchange, and Edwards was discreetly ushered away.

Another source said Lisa, along with other WABC reporters, was put under a “tremendous amount” of pressure. She would commute into Manhattan daily as early as 2 a.m., complete her last shoot around lunchtime, and then be in the office working more stories in the afternoon. The source said, “Camille is a bully and will target people she doesn’t like, most often women. Lisa’s colleagues applaud Lisa’s mom for standing up to Camille.”

The Colagrossi family disputed any hard feelings and said in a statement, “We are extremely thankful and blessed by all the support from Camille and the entire ABC family. Lisa always chose to work the overnight shift because it allowed her to spend the most time with her family.”

WABC added, “Camille is a tireless and compassionate champion for everyone who works here. Under her watch, we’re fortunate to have more women in leadership positions than ever before. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lisa’s family at this sad time.”