Young Voters Have No Trust in the Media

When it comes to the News Media and young voters, the kids have no faith in Journalists.

The media limps in dead last among institutions younger voters trust to "do the right thing," according to a new and massive Harvard University survey.

In the school's Institute of Politics poll of over 3,000 18-29-year-olds, a tiny 12 percent said they believe the do the right thing. A whopping 88 percent said "sometimes" or "never." Just 2 percent said they trusted the media to do the right thing "all of the time," and 39 percent said "never."

The poll is the latest nail in the media's coffin, a downward spiral that has resulted in fewer younger Americans reading traditional media and especially traditional platforms such as newspapers and magazines.

How bad is it?

The media ranked behind Congress in the poll.

Topping the trust list were "scientists," the military and local police.

H/T Washington Examiner