"Stop Blocking My Camera!"

The one thing we have learned over the years, never get between a camera and Geraldo Rivera. Hell, sometimes even Geraldo won't let his own clothes come between him and the camera. 

Fox News decided to counter CNN's Don Lemon with their own circus act and they sent in Geraldo to cover the Baltimore unrest.

One protestor got between Geraldo and his camera and he might has well be stealing Rivera's oxygen as well.

Needless to say Geraldo got pissed:

It was long after Geraldo started filing his reports that he was trending on Twitter. Most tweets were against both him and Sean Hannity who was called a coward for sitting back in the studio, letting Rivera ask his questions and take the protestors wrath.

As for CNN's Don Lemon? He needs to sit back and watch the master. No one can make the story more about himself than Geraldo.

Just saying....