No?! You Did Not Really Tweet That?

Scripps owned WKBW in Buffalo has “suspended its relationship” with Reporter “Airborne" Eddy Dobosiewicz after he said on his Twitter account that people protesting in Baltimore were“acting like animals” and included a photo of baboons climbing on a car.

Station General Manager Michael Nurse said in a statement that the comments Dobosiewicz posted on the social media network were “insensitive, inappropriate and harmful.”

Dobosiewicz, a local comedian is not employed by WKBW but does a weekly nostalgia feature called “Queen City Chronicles.”

His initial tweet on Tuesday said, in part, “Enuf already!!! U want to be treated like people stop acting like animals.” and included the hashtag #Baltimorons.

After the tweet was posted, several people took Dobosiewicz to task for it, saying that both the words and the imagery he chose were racist.

Responding the critics, Dobosiewicz tweeted: “how is it racist? the first pic was too playful n the animals that r burning the streets r not”

Dobosiewicz has not posted anything on Twitter since late Tuesday.

And maybe he should not post anything ever again.

Just saying.... 

H/T Buffalo News