Bounced Traffic Reporter says she Didn't Have a Chance Against the Young Girls

Dallas Traffic Reporter Tammy Dombeck is out of a job again and she says it was because the station was looking for someone younger for the job. 

Dombeck has been freelancing at KTVT in Dallas as the Traffic Reporter, until the station told her that her services were no longer needed. 

 Dombeck posted on Facebook, “it is with great disappointment that I write this post to you today, CBSDFW has decided not to hire me for the Morning Traffic Position.”

She thought she was going to have the chance to say goodbye, but station management told her not to come to work yesterday and she was done. 

“All the girls they auditioned for this job were in their 20s,” Dombeck told the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. “I didn’t have a chance. Frustrating.”

The station has not yet named a permanent morning Traffic Reporter, but if Dombeck is to be believed, look for it to be a young chippy. 

We're betting the chippy won't be paid too well either.

Just saying....