Fox Business Finally Confirms FTVLive Story on Don Imus

FTVLive FIRST told you the news that Don Imus was going to sign off from the Fox Business Network in late May.

FTVLive put in a call to Fox, which was never returned. It was clear that Fox Business was caught off guard and did not want the story out there without their spin on it. 

So what is the spin? 

FBN told some other media outlets that Imus would be spending the summer at his recently purchased ranch in Texas — which, unlike his previous ranch in New Mexico, has no remote television studio facilities.

Therefore he is leaving the TV side and staying on the radio. 

FTVLive does not completely buy this story and Fox's very slow response time is one of the main reasons why. 

We can't say for sure, because Fox Business never got around to calling us back.