Homeless Sex Offenders is the Flavor of the May Book

With the May ratings book here, stations are trying to figure out what story to scare viewers with this time.

The ebola that were we all supposed to be dead from by now has pretty much gone away here in the US. No shark attacks to latch onto. West Nile Virus is really hot anymore. So where are station turning to scare up some ratings?

Homeless sex offenders.

WJAX (Jacksonville) did an "exclusive" investigation and found that homeless sex offenders live right in the Jacksonville area.

"The family friendly Jacksonville Beach Pier is listed as the address of a sexual predator, the most violent kind of offender. Action News found dozens of sexual predators and offenders registering with the state and listing public places as their address," WJAX says.

Head up north to Milwaukee and WISN also has an "exclusive" report on homeless sex offenders. Their investigation shows that state is moving sex offenders around to different homes in Milwaukee every 3 days. 

It appears other stations have the homeless sex offender story on their schedule for later in the month.

Don't worry though, the weather will soon be turning hot and it will be time for the kids left in hot cars story to come out.

Expect that one in the July book. 

We love ratings.