B-More Stations Go Wall to Wall to Riot Coverage

The ratings gods are giving the Baltimore stations plenty of news coverage for the may book.

All the B-More affiliates dumped programing yesterday afternoon and went wall to wall with the protests that got out of hand. 

WBAL and WJZ did excellent in their coverage of the unrest. Both stations used savvy Reporters and Photographers to cover story and were often live at many different scenes and from the air.

WMAR showed why the station is a dog in the ratings. Most of their coverage was bases from the studio. when the station showed aerials they were from WJLA's (DC) chopper.

Just how bad was WMAR's coverage?

In a WJZ live shot from the City's Emergency Command Center for the Mayor's press conference, you could see six big screen monitors behind the podium.  Three monitors have traffic camera feed. 

The other three are tuned to WJZ, WBAL and WBFF. 

No WMAR. Very telling indeed. 

Speaking of WBFF, Sinclair is bringing in people from some of their other stations to help the station in their coverage. 

CNN relied heavily on both WBAL and WJX's choppers for their coverage. In fact the network was sending out tweets claiming it was "CNN Video," when clearly it was coming from WBAL.