President Takes Shots at CNN, MSNBC at the Nerd Prom

For the second year in a row, FTVLive was invited to attend the White House Correspondents dinner and for the second year in a row, we declined. 

The "Nerd Prom" as it is called was Saturday night in DC and of course the guest list was packed with people that are not White House Correspondents, nor do they know who any of the White House Correspondents are. 

While the night was filled with speakers making jokes about the President, it was a chance for the President to take some shots at the media.

President Obama noted that Cecily Strong, the evening’s entertainer, impersonates a CNN anchor on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Which is surprising,” he said, “because the only people impersonating journalists on CNN are the journalists on CNN.”

He added that this winter’s polar vortex produced “so many record lows that they renamed it MSNBC.”

What makes the jokes funny, is they are so very true.

Strong stayed mostly mum on BriWi, "What can I say about Brian Williams?" Strong said, "Nothing because I work for NBC," she joked. 

H/T Washington Post