One of the Most Important Media Reporters in America

The list included the usual suspects, Eric Wemple of the Washington Post, Emily Smith of the NY Post, Jim Romenesko, Dylan Byers and others.

But, also on the list of the Top 14 Most Important Media Reporters was Scott Jones of FTVLive.



Yes, folks.... FTVLive made the list. Not sure how, but we did.

It should be pointed out, that while I am the Editor of FTVLive, I'm also a contributor to Newsblues, TV Spy and others The difference being, I'm not paid, or rarely credited for all the work I do for those sites. 

The other thing, all the others on the list either focus on the networks, or just a single market, FTVLive is in every network and every market in the country. 

Sure, we break stories about what is going down at CNN, NBC and Fox News, but we also break stories about what's happening in Boston, DC, Atlanta, Waterloo, and all the other markets as well. 

FTVLive is the only one that covers TV news from coast to coast, market to market.

Hell, when you think about it....damn right we're on the list.

Hell we are the list!

Just saying..... 

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