General Manager Bans Food From the Newsroom

Anyone that works in TV news knows that many times your lunch or dinner break is something quick from the e=vending machine, because you are crashing deadline.

Well, expect for News Anchors that get to take a two hour dinner break.

Sources at WICS in Spring Springfield, Illinois tell FTVLive that General Manager Rick Lipps held a news staff meeting on Friday.

Word is that Lipps basically told the newsroom that they are "lazy, slobs and unprofessional."

Word is that Lipps has now told news staffers that they are no longer allowed to bring any food, snacks or beverages into the newsroom.

"He thinks it's SOOOO rude that sometimes reporters eat at their desk," said one staffer to FTVLive. 

This is the same station where Vince DeMentri was fired after he got into a brawl with a Reporter at a local Hooters.

Maybe Lipps should allow food in the newsroom and let let the staff go to Hooters.

Just saying....