Wall To Wall Isn't Working for CNN

There is a lot of news that goes on in the world each and everyday. If you tune into CNN, you might think there is just one story. 

CNN is once again ditching all other news for just one story. This time the network is going wall to wall with their exploitive coverage of Freddie Gray, a young man who died a week after his arrest in Baltimore.

This is nothing new to CNN ever since the Malaysian plane went missing.

CNN likes to take a story and shove it down viewer's throats and hope it brings ratings.

That strategy is not working. 

Since Monday, CNN has gone wall-to-wall with Freddie Gray coverage and was shellacked nearly 2-to-1 by MSNBC.

Not Fox News, but MSNBC mind you. That's bad when the team of tax deadbeats are beating you. 

MSNBC pulled in 655,000 total primetime viewers, compared to just 382,000 for CNN. That is a big dip over last week, when MSNBC beat CNN by a closer margin — 657,000 to 478,000. Other than Friday night, MSNBC beat CNN in total primetime viewers every night last week.

Fox News continued to crush both networks in the numbers. 

It might be time for CNN boss Jeff Zucker to dump his wall to wall coverage and start covering the rest of the news as well.

Just saying....