Why I Became A Reporter

WNBC Reporter Ida Siegal shares how and why she became a TV News Reporter. Interestingly even though Siegal works for NBC, it was ABC Anchor Peter Jennings that helped pushed her into TV News.

And what was her big first ever story?

It was about Madonna having a baby, before she ever had a baby.

We'll let Ida explain:

Did I ever tell you guys how I decided to become a reporter? ... just joking, pretty sure I never mentioned it to most people ;) I really should have told you all because it's actually a great story. It involves my 15 year old self, Peter Jennings and the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation. Tomorrow is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day (awesome.) I'll be participating this year - showing all the kids at NBC what it's like to be a reporter! I'll also be telling them my inspirational story. If you're interested in hearing it and have a few minutes - I've posted a video below. Hope you like it! :)

Posted by Ida Siegal on Wednesday, April 22, 2015