Weiner Brings Soft Ratings to CNN's Reliable Sources

CNN's Reliable Sources became on oxymoron when it brought Anthony Weiner on the show.

The last thing in the world Weiner is, is not reliable. 

CNN host Brian Stelter said he wanted Weiner on the show to talk about Hillary Clinton and and his wife, Huma Abedin‘s, involvement in the race.

Here's an idea, why not invite Abedin on the show and cut Weiner (no pun intended)?

Stelter has taken a lot of criticism for booking the serial liar on the show and he acted as if it was a big "get."

It was not and the Weiner show was soft in the ratings (OK, pun intended that time).

Reliable sources pulled just 463,000 total viewers and 166,000 in the demo.  Compare that to Fox News' “Media Buzz” which had over a million viewers and over 200,000 in the demo.

Stelter's show has continued to decline in the ratings for the past 3 months. When you book an idiot like Anthony Weiner, you can clearly see why.