So Much For Competition

In the good old days, TV stations in the market were all owned by different companies and news staff at each station would work their ass off to beat the competition.

Now, you need to look no further than Springfield, Mass to see what is wrong with local TV Today. 

Yesterday, WBBG ABC 40, WSHM CBS 3, and FOX 6 in Springfield, Massachusetts all merged together to form what they are calling "Western Mass News."

Western Mass News will be broadcast on all three stations seven days. No competition, just the same newscast on all the channels.

The stations are all owned by Meredith and while this totally sucks for the viewers, the company tries to spin it as a good thing. 

“Bringing these stations together will enable us to bring more resources to our news coverage, more unique content to our viewers and more choices for our advertisers,” Western Mass News Vice President / General Manager Klarn DePalma.

How does merging these stations together, do any of those things?

Just asking....

H/T Boston Media Watch