Sources: Fresno News Director Bumped up to KABC Gig (Updated)

We are still waiting for confirmation, but sources tell FTVLive that KFSN News Director Michael Carr is being bumped way up the ABC food chain and will be the new ND at KABC.

Carr has been the News Director at KFSN for just over 3 years and now he heads sown the 5 freeway to KABC.

Before Carr became KFSN's ND, he spent 8 years at the station working as the EP. 

If our tipsters are right, that means after 12+ years outside a top 50 market, Carr will leap all the way to the No. 2 market as the news boss. 

Stay tuned..... 

Update: Carr tells FTVLive he is NOT headed to KABC as News Director.