Signing Off in Dallas

Longtime KTVT Reporter Stephanie Lucero says you can stick a fork in her....she's done.

Lucero, who has spent 30 years working as a Journalist and has been at the KTVT since 1997 says she has “decided to follow my heart and move in a new direction.”

Lucero, who lately has been working the early morning shift, said she’s “ready to applaud, to advocate for something really special. I don’t have that next dynamic position yet but I’m so very excited about the possibilities!”

She’ll be leaving after two more weeks at KTVT, which hired Lucero after a lengthy tenure at KDFW in Dallas.

“It has been a fantastic ride,” Lucero said, emphasizing that she and her family will remain in North Texas.

“Dallas is our home,” she said. The place we love and God has blessed me with two awesome sons and an incredible support group. You know who you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are my rock! No farewells. We are not leaving DFW. Just turning a big page professionally.”

H/T Ed Bark