Roger Ailes: I Would Bring Brian Williams Back

The Hollywood Reporter has a long piece on Fox News boss Roger Ailes. 

Usual stuff, Ailes pontificates, his staff says how great he is and so on and so on.

But, when it comes to NBC and Andy Lack returning to run the news division, Ailes thinks Lack will do ok.

"Andy is a smart guy. He's going to work on several problems at the same time. That in and of itself will make a difference, Ailes says.  

Ailes then weighs in on the BriWi mess, saying this about Lack, "He's got to make the right call on Brian Williams. I'd put Brian back."

So, does Ailes really think that NBC should bring back BriLie, or is this his evil genis at work to maybe help NBC make the wrong call?


We'll let you decide.