Female Anchors Deal with Hate Messages over How They Look and Dress

Last week, FTVLive told you about the hate mail that Global (Canada) Weather Anchor Kristi Gordon was getting about the way she dressed on air. 

Gordon is pregnant and a number of viewers have hated on her for her on air clothing choice. 

One email simply said “Hussy!” and another “BUY some DECENT clothes and have more respect for the unborn child, you’re not the first pregnant woman. OMG.”

Gordon went on air and took on the haters, many of which wrote her anonymously (of course) and since then she has gotten a lot of support. 

“It’s been absolutely mind-boggling,” she said. “I’m probably close to about a thousand emails.”

While Gordon said she only seems to get the mean emails when she’s pregnant, many other female news personalities have to deal with these kinds of personal attacks on a regular basis.

“The comments on clothing and hair are part and parcel of the bigger phenomenon of attacking women in general, in an environment that’s anonymous and that leads to the most visceral attacks you can imagine.”

Global Edmonton news anchors Quinn Ohler and Shallima Maharaj have both been victims of hate mail.

Maharaj said she was once told over Twitter that she’s “not a good-looking Hindu.” Someone else took the time to write her former news director about her “unfortunate” nose.

Ohler admitted the biggest complaint she’s gotten lately is over her lip colour.

“I’ve gone out and bought some other colours because of it. It seems so stupid but it did kind of get to me in the sense that ‘can people just get over my damn makeup and listen to what I’m saying! It’s important!’

No matter what you do, someone is bound not to like something about your appearance. But when people link Ohler’s appearance to her journalistic skills, that’s when it really gets under her skin.

“I’ve been told I’m bad at my job because of the way my hair looks,” she said. “Someone once told me my hair stylist should be fired. Ok, that’s me!”

The problem, of course, is not just limited to the media industry. Gordon said she’s received messages from tons of women who related to her situation. One was from a 67-year-old who recently had to return back to the work force, where she was met with ageism.

But, female talent knows all to well, you make your living on TV and the haters are going to hate. 

H/T Global News