And You Thought Your Newsroom was Crowded

People that work in TV news know what it's like to work in a busy newsroom with a lot of people. 

But, if you think your newsroom is busy, check out the new offices of Facebook. 

How big is it?

2,800 people work in one room!

Facebook unveiled its enormous new office in Silicon Valley, which includes a 9-acre park on the roof.

The new building in Menlo Park, California, measures 430,000 square feet and apparently has the 'largest open floor plan in the world'.

The social network's newest location was revealed by founder Mark Zuckerberg, who posted an aerial view on the building on his public page.

He wrote: 'Our goal was to create the perfect engineering space for our teams to work together.

'We wanted our space to create the same sense of community and connection among our teams that we try to enable with our services across the world.

To do this, we designed the largest open floor plan in the world - a single room that fits thousands of people.'

This is a picture of the park on top of the building.

Kind of makes the Newsplex not so cool anymore.

Just saying...