Dr. Quack

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Dr. Oz might have a lot of fans that watch him on TV, but his follow Doctors a not among them. 

A group of doctors at Columbia University, in a lacerating letter to his boss, called for the TV doctor’s dismissal from the prestigious post of vice chairman of Columbia University’s department of surgery.

“He’s a quack and a fake and a charlatan,” said Dr. Henry Miller of Stanford, the first person to sign the poison-pen letter.

“I think I know the motivation at Columbia,” he continued. “They’re star-struck, and like having on their faculty the best-known doctor in the country. But the fact is that his advice endangers patients, and this doesn’t seem to faze them. Whether they’re hoping Oprah will come and endow a center for homeopathic medicine, I don't know.”

The one-page letter was also signed by Dr. Gilbert Ross, executive director of the American Counsel on Science and Health.

“We find it a shame that he has fled from the ethical and responsible practice of medicine to exploit his television popularity,” said the Manhattan-based doctor.

He ripped into the Harvard-educated Dr. Mehmet Oz for the “various quack propositions that he is promulgating on his TV show — magical mystery cures.”

Calls to a spokesman for Oz for a response were not returned Thursday.

H/T NY Daily News