Chris Hansen's Mistress Out of Work....again

WFTV has parted ways with Reporter Kristyn Caddell, although the station is not saying much about it. 

"Kristyn does not work here any longer," news director Matt Parcell said Thursday. "That's all I'm going to say."

He wouldn't say when her last day was, but he acknowledged that her bio has been removed from the station's website.

Caddell has not seem to have much luck when it comes to keeping a job. Along with Orlando, Caddell has worked at stations in stations in West Palm Beach, Seattle and Las Vegas.

It was while working in West Palm Beach that Caddell made headlines when the National Enquirer in 2011 revealed that she was having an affair with the married Chris Hansen of "Dateline NBC" and "To Catch a Predator" fame.

In a frank letter to the National Enquirer, Caddell said that Hansen had been lying to her and his wife.

As FTVLive told you, Hansen is now trying to bring back his "To Catch a Predator" segments to the Internet and has launched a fundraising page on KickStarter.

Caddell lasted only 4 months in Las Vegas before she was out of a job and blaming Hansen for ruining her career. 

She made it just over a year at WFTV. When she was hired the station said they were more "interested in reporter's future, not her past."

Now it appears they are not interested in her future, either.

H/T Orlando Sentinel