Sharpton Continues to Dodge Taxman

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While millions of people hustled to the post office to pay their taxes yesterday, MSNBC's Al Sharpton did not seem too worried about it.

The NY Post says that Sharpton owes as much as $4.5 million in back taxes and penalties.

Dozens of pages of tax warrants and liens show that, at best, Sharpton has been deeply negligent, and at worst, he’s gaming the system. Which raises the question: Why does New York keep letting him get away with it?

Sharpton claims he’s stuck to the payment plan detailed in his settlement. But the government structures settlements so debtors can reduce and eventually eliminate tax debt.

A growing balance is a big red flag. A state official said failure to make payments on a settlement and late filings can result in additional penalties and interest. He also said failure to pay new taxes can add additional debt.

The post writes that for some reason, New York authorities don’t seem terribly interested in holding Sharpton accountable.

As a civil-rights activist, Sharpton has pushed for equality under the law. New York should offer some reassurances that it holds that same principle dear — especially where Sharpton is concerned.

Guess the rules are different for him.