Louisville Anchor Returns after Surgery

WAVE News Anchor Dawne Gee returned to the air yesterday after recovering from surgery last month to remove a benign stomach tumor.

Several small incisions from the laparoscopic procedure are still "a little bit sore," Gee said, adding she has lost "seven to eight pounds."

Her goal now that she is back at work is to change her lifestyle and eating habits. 

"I'm going to try and take my lunch in everyday," Gee, 52, said. "When I don't do that, I'll end up eating whatever and it's definitely not going to be good."

Gee's extreme lifestyle makeover continues in the wake of her October surgery for kidney cancer. She is sharing her new exercise and nutrition regimen.

That means that if charity groups ask Gee to speak at their event, they should be prepared to hear "No thank you if it conflicts with my Zumba class," Gee said.

"I hope I get to go to the gym," Gee said. "I have got to make that part of my life. I can't just think about it. I've got to do it."

H/T Louisville Courier Journal