Dying Illinois Anchor Steps Down for Anchoring the News

WCIA (Champaign) Anchor Dave Benton told viewers that he is ending his run as Anchor. 

Months ago, Benton released the news that he was dying from a brain tumor, but that he was going to continue to do his job and anchor the newscast. 

"I want to update all of you on what's happening with my health. The last time we talked was about five months ago. I found out two weeks ago the tumor has grown. The treatments aren't working and it's affecting my ability to anchor the news. So, I'm stepping down from the desk." Benton wrote on the station's website.

He still hopes to be part of the newscast with his Crime Watch stories.

"It's been an interesting year and a half. My goal was to be in the anchor seat and do a good job. I hope I've done that. Now, it's time for the next step." Benton wrote. 

Here is his on air announcement telling viewers that his anchor days are behind him: