Down Periscope.....Please

Most TV people are not much different than a 4 year old. Give them a new toy and they can't get enough of it.

Not long after that, they won't play with it again.

That's exactly what we expect from the app Periscope.

It seems that TV people can't get enough of playing with the new toy that streams live video to viewers over the Internet.

Of course there are other apps that do this and have done this for years, but Periscope is the flavor of the month.

FTVLive predicts that in a few months time, no one in TV news will be using it.

WJAX News Director Bob Longo streamed video before the newscast a couple days in a row. But he has already seemed to grow tired of the app.

CNN Media Critic.....errrrrr..... Correspondent Brian Stelter used Periscope to give viewers a look behind the scenes. 

But, KTTV Anchor Susan Hirasuna may have taken this whole Periscope thing a bit far?

She tweeted out:

We did not tune into the feed when Hirasuna got home, but if it was what we were hoping, it is not something you would want to have your Anchor doing. Just saying.... 

Just like with Ebola and West Nile Virus, you can  bet your bottom dollar that the media will soon grow tired of Periscope and won't be using it all three months from now.

Stay tuned....