Tagboard Teams Up with Hootsuite

Tagboard which is being used by stations across the county has just announced that it has partnered with Hootsuite, the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, to help media companies showcase social posts within seconds of them being published on source networks.

This is a big deal, since the partnership will offer the first seamless social display workflow for stations and media companies utilizing Hootsuite, which has more than 10 million users, and Tagboard, the industry’s easiest social display tool.

For broadcasters, implementing a social TV solution allows networks and advertisers to engage in a real-time conversation on the viewer’s platform of choice by highlighting audience social media activity during the broadcast.

Increasing viewer engagement has grown from an optional step for TV networks and stations to a key component of attracting advertisers and fueling ratings.

“The partnership between Hootsuite and Tagboard means increased control and efficiency for our clients, while allowing them to promote safe, engaging content to viewers and fans,” said Josh Decker, CEO of Tagboard. “By combining the vast social publishing, listening, and reporting power of Hootsuite and the real-time capabilities of our Social TV display technology, we’re streamlining the workflow while creating more opportunities for interactive experiences.”

The integration offers joint clients of both Tagboard Enterprise and Hootsuite Enterprise the ability to add a Tagboard app to their Hootsuite social media management dashboard. Clients will then be able to search and find social posts within their Hootsuite dashboard, and with one click, send the posts to Tagboard-powered displays; on air, through live screens, or online.

Created in collaboration with digital producers from Tagboard’s media partners that include stations at 10 of the top 25 broadcast groups in America, the app was designed to help optimize the workflow while adding viewer generated content to the broadcast as quickly as possible.

"We've never had real-time two-way conversation with viewers in such an easy-to-use way like Tagboard,” said Barrett Tryon, Head of Social Media CBS Las Vegas.  “With the Hootsuite integration it’s even easier. This will change newsrooms and empower viewers to participate in content live."

It's likely that your station is already using Tagboard, but if they are not, you can check it out here.