Rev. Al is Not Welcome....

It appears that MSNBC host and huge camera hog, Al Sharpton has been asked to stay away from the funeral of a black man shot and killed by a white police officer in South Carolina.

The New York Daily News reports the family of Walter Scott has said they do not want the reverend to attend the funeral.

Sharpton said in a statement to the Daily News’ story that it is “bogus” and “has no merit.”

Sharpton said he has been invited to preach and lead a prayer vigil in North Charleston

“There has never been a discussion about me attending or participating in the funeral on Saturday, since everyone knows (we didn't know Al) that NAN’s convention with thousands of delegates is happening in New York and doesn’t end until Saturday night,” Rev. Sharpton said in a statement.

“I have not decided whether or not I will accept the invitation to preach in North Charleston and participate in the prayer vigil on Sunday. However, I am told the mayor and police chief have said that if I do choose to come they will attend the service as we seek healing and justice in these matters,” the statement reads.

Earlier this week, Sharpton called for national reform on police conduct and said he planned to travel to Charleston in the coming days to visit the Scott family.

Oh goody...