CBS Names Replacement for Bob Schieffer

CBS News is going to replace retiring Face the Nation host with the very well known John Dickerson.

Okay....maybe not so well known. 

Dickerson is the Political Director at CBS News and will take over Face the Nation. Schieffer made the announcement at of the of yesterday's FTN show.

In typical CBS News fashion, Dickerson has family ties to the network. He is the son of Nancy Dickerson, the first female correspondent to work in CBS News’ Washington bureau and an associate producer on “Face the Nation” at its inception in 1954.

“John is first and foremost a reporter — and that’s what he’ll be as anchor of ‘Face the Nation’,” said CBS News president David Rhodes. “His work in the studio will always be informed by what he’s learned in Iowa, in New Hampshire, on Capitol Hill— anywhere there’s news. He has earned the respect of newsmakers across the political spectrum. With all our correspondents John will present comprehensive coverage on all our platforms.”

“I’m thrilled,” Dickerson said. “I have watched Bob my whole professional life not just as a viewer but as a daily reporter who also covered the Hill. I’m honored to carry on his tradition on ‘Face the Nation.’ ”