A Tradition unlike any other....

FTVLive spent the weekend trying to get rid of the last remnants of this nasty cold cuddled up on the couch and watching the Masters.

There is no other TV event that we look forward to more than the Masters on CBS.

Once again the network did a solid job with their coverage and while Tiger Woods was not much of a factor in the tournament, he did say some things that raised a few eyebrows. Woods was caught on camera calling himself a "dumb ass" and muttered "fucking god" into a live mic. CBS did apologize  to viewers for that remark. 

On Sunday, Tiger was in the trees on the 9th hole when he hit a root with his second shot. Woods let out a scream and grabbed his wrist.

By the 10th hole he seemed to be fine again and after his round he told CBS that he "popped a bone out" and that he was able to put it back in and continue. 

"Really?," said a surprised Bill Macatee to Tiger talking about his on course surgery.

"Yeah" said Woods.

"Wow...OK," Macatee replied.

Most people on social media were surprised that Woods could fix a popped out bone just like that.

21 year old Jordan Spieth won the Masters with a record breaking performance and while we are not going to say that we predicted that he would win the Masters. Back in August, we laid down $20 bucks on Spieth winning the Green Jacket at the Mirage.

Looks like we have some money to collect: