Mayor Refuses to Take Down Brian Williams Welcome Sign

The Mayor of  Elmira, NY is being asked to take down disgraced NBC Anchor Brian Williams picture from the town's welcome sign.

Williams grew up in Elmira and some residents don't want his face on the sign anymore. 

Elmira Mayor Sue Skidmore said she has gotten more than a dozen calls from residents who want his picture off the large sign at the edge of town, which also sports images of Mark Twain, designer Tommy Hilfiger and other local legends, including astronaut Eileen Collins and Heisman Trophy-winning football player Ernie Davis.

Skidmore is against removing Williams, citing the cost of a new sign.

She also showed sympathy for the anchor — whom NBC suspended for having lied about being in a helicopter hit by a missile in Iraq and then brushing off the lie by saying “everybody makes mistakes.”

H/T Page Six