Don Lemon: I Watch Megyn Kelly on Fox News Every Night

CNN's clown Don Lemon says he doesn't care what the critics have to say about his antics, he says it's all about the viewers.

"I'm there for the viewer. I'm not there for the critics, so let the critics be the critics," he said. "I have your attention. I'm glad you're watching, and I'm glad that I'm moving you in some way — that I'm stirring some sort of passion and debate. I love it."

Someone needs to get Lemon a reality pill ASAP. 

But, it appears that when Lemon does want to get his news, he turns to Fox News. 

Lemon also admitted to being a devoted viewer of Fox News' Megyn Kelly, saying, "I think that Megyn Kelly is very powerful. I think that she's very honest. I think that she's very fair. I think she's a star, and I watch her every single night."

Maybe, Lemon should start taking some notes while watching Kelly.

Just saying.... 

H/T The Hollywood Reporter