NBC News Signs Deal with Hook Up, Sext Service

Kik is a a mobile-messaging service that is often used to find hook-ups and sext.

NBC News is hoping that in between having sex or talking sex, people might want some news as well. 

NBC announced that they have reached a deal with Kik so that users can can search for and send a message to the username “NBCNEWS.”

If they send a keyword such as “politics” or “technology,” they will immediately receive a current article and video content from NBCNews.com viewable in the Kik app. NBC News also has the ability to push messages to Kik users.

We think it is more likely that Kik users are searching for T&A than politics, but whatever. 

NBC claims that they are the first TV news organization with a presence on Kik. Although, we're guessing a number of NBC News employees have used the service to quite a while.

Just not for news.