Don't EVER Touch the Anchor Hair! (Updated)

If you work in a newsroom, then you know there is nothing more precious to a TV Anchor than their hair.

And God forbid if you ever touched an Anchor's hair.

The KUSA news team was out in the station garden doing an update complete with big cheesy smiles and fake laughter.

When Kathy Sabine asked Kyle Clark ‘do you smell’ and Kyle took it the wrong way. Although Kathy was quick to clarify she meant the ‘orange blossom’ (or did she?). Clark made a hairspray joke about Sabine's hair and then Sabine touched Clark's hair.

She broke the cardinal rule and Clark was quick with the "don't ever touch my hair again" comment.

Ahhhhhh....TV Anchors...they are a different breed for sure.

Let's go to the video: 

Updated: After FTVLive posted the story, the station pulled the video from YouTube. The video that they posted. Ha ha

Updated x2: FTVLive found another copy