Cincinnati Wins Fight to Air ISIS Suspect Interview

American Terror suspect Christopher Cornell made a collect call to WXIX in Cincinnati and talked about joining ISIS and his planned attack to blow up pipe bombs at the US Capitol and kill the President. 

Cornell talked to the station for an hour, but it took WXIX much longer than that to get approval to air that interview. 

The terror plot suspect's desire to talk to local media put him at odds with his attorneys and landed a Cincinnati television station in federal court. 

Cornell's attorney, Richard Smith-Monahan, argued that WXIX was in contempt of court for violating a January order "directing the detention facility holding the Defendant not to permit outside contact by anyone with the Defendant without [defense counsel's] express approval."

Cornell spoke with reporter Tricia Macke. In that interview, he refuses to tell Macke how or when he first came in contact with ISIS, but he did give the reporter details on a plot to kill President Barack Obama, members of Congress, as well as an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

The station won their court fight and was able to air the interview: