Like We Said....

FTVLive FIRST reported that NBC would make the Andy Lack announcement by the end of this week and they have.

NBC News confirmed morning that Andy Lack will return to the division as chairman of NBC News and MSNBC.
 Lack replaces Patricia Fili-Krushel. The network says that she will be moved into another role within the company. 

NBC News president Deborah Turness keeps her job...for now. Many expect that Turness will also be moved into a different role and it is likely to happen soon. 

“Andy is an accomplished journalist who began his award-winning news career in 1976 at CBS and rose through the newsroom ranks until he joined NBC News as president in 1993,” said NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke in an internal memo.

Many inside a NBC News are very happy about the change and finally get the sense that NBC News is moving in the right direction for the first time in a very longtime.