Going into Consulting

They old saying in TV news is that those that can do...do...those that can't become consultants.

The last time we heard from Josh Eure he was about to leave his Assistant News Director job at KPNX in Phoenix and  become the News Director at WHAS in Louisville.

Then after reports surfaced of a prior arrest (although all charges were dropped and Eure was cleared), WHAS rescinded the offer.

Now, Eure has announced that he is starting EureMedia, which he describes as a NYC-based media consulting agency focusing on talent development, multimedia production and media coaching.

“Making the right connections is only half of the challenge” says Eure. “Knowing how to deliver a story and make a strong connection on camera requires a very unique set of skills. Our experience in the News and Media industry affords us the means to help new talent develop a clear understanding of the business, the connections and nuances of how to come across like a news professional. ”