Dallas Weather Anchor Goes Under the Knife Today

KDFW Meteorologist Jennifer Myers will be off the air for awhile as she is getting her thyroid removed for what appears to be stage 1 Papillary Cancer.

Myers enters surgery Today and posted a message on her Facebook page to let viewers know what is happening. 

She writes, "I'm having surgery tomorrow (today) to have my entire thyroid removed due to what is likely stage I Papillary Cancer.

Thyroid cancer (while one of the fastest growing) is one of the most survivable cancers out there, so if that's the case, I've got a great prognosis. 

I'm sorry in advance if I over-post and over-share over the next few weeks, as sitting in a hospital/being in bed are not my strong suits, and the boredom will likely drive me insane. 

When I get back, there will be a pretty noticeable scar on my neck, so heads up on that one. I've chosen not to cover it up because we're adults and it's good for us to handle a little dose of life from time to time. Also, putting makeup over a wound is asking for trouble, and scarfs make me look ridiculous."

FTVLive passes along our thoughts and hopes all goes well Today for Myers. And we also have to give her big props for waiting until after the book to tell viewers of her cancer fight.